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Solar Module Testing Equipment

  Module And Cell EL Tester

Having backed by extensive network across the country, we are engaged in catering to the local and national market with our top-of-the-line Solar Cell & Module EL Testers. We are counted amongst the premier Suppliers of Solar Cell & Module EL Tester from either China or Europe. Our Solar Cell & Module EL Testers are passed through various stringent quality tests and are sourced from reputed manufacturers. Besides ensuring availability, we are also making sure to entice the market with our product’s price, which is moderate, and delivering product as per client’s specifications.

Various inspection technologies are currently being used within the photo-voltaic production process like inspection systems for wafer integrity, print quality, color inspection. The overall performance of the cells or modules is measured with sun simulators. However, none of these systems can actually provide valuable information about the overall quality of the production process and the predicted performance of the particular cell or module under test. This is exactly where electro-luminescence comes into play. With EL Imaging, hard to spot defects like micro cracks become obvious and at the same time, valuable process information is provided.

In every production step from incoming cells, after stringing process, before and after lamination and as final inspection step. Quality control of PV modules at all times before reselling and installation or whenever a problem has occurred.

We offers EL tester for very accurate and for detecting micro cracks down to 100 µ or even less with semiautomatic or fully automatic modes . The MBJ range covers EL testing from Cells, Cell strings right up to Modules (before and after lamination).